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Blogging is something which is considered everywhere whenever you go for further studies and it also helps on your CV for getting landed with a great job. Being a blogger it is one’s primary responsibility that he/she should focus on the quality content and that demands unmatched concentration and time but the basic problem they face is that there most of the effort goes in distribution there content and for that they first design their website and then they start promoting them on various digital platforms and this sucks up there most of the time. So what we decided is that we will do everything necessary for them to get known to everybody and they can peacefully focus on their content or whatever their main work is about.

For this purpose only we have planned to create this app where everybody can come and write there blog. The basic idea is to create a blogging community where your blog will get reviewed and people do up-votes and down-votes as per their view. One can either write their own blog or can write a blog on a trending topic. As per the count of the up-votes and down-votes the ranking of the blog will be decided and that writer will get more shares and views.